Artisan Commands



Description Command
View a list of available artisan commands. php artisan help:commands

Application Configuration (More Information)

Description Command
Generate a secure application key. An application key will not be generated unless the field in config/application.php is empty. php artisan key:generate

Database Sessions (More Information)

Description Command
Create a session table php artisan session:table

Migrations (More Information)

Description Command
Create the Laravel migration table php artisan migrate:install
Creating a migration php artisan migrate:make create_users_table
Creating a migration for a bundle php artisan migrate:make bundle::tablename
Running outstanding migrations php artisan migrate
Running outstanding migrations in the application php artisan migrate application
Running all outstanding migrations in a bundle php artisan migrate bundle
Rolling back the last migration operation php artisan migrate:rollback
Roll back all migrations that have ever run php artisan migrate:reset

Bundles (More Information)

Description Command
Install a bundle php artisan bundle:install eloquent
Upgrade a bundle php artisan bundle:upgrade eloquent
Upgrade all bundles php artisan bundle:upgrade
Publish a bundle assets php artisan bundle:publish bundle_name
Publish all bundles assets php artisan bundle:publish

Note: After installing you need to register the bundle

Tasks (More Information)

Description Command
Calling a task php artisan notify
Calling a task and passing arguments php artisan notify taylor
Calling a specific method on a task php artisan notify:urgent
Running a task on a bundle php artisan admin::generate
Running a specific method on a bundle php artisan admin::generate:list

Unit Tests (More Information)

Description Command
Running the application tests php artisan test
Running the bundle tests php artisan test bundle-name

Routing (More Information)

Description Command
Calling a route php artisan route:call get api/user/1

Note: You can replace get with post, put, delete, etc.

Application Keys

Description Command
Generate an application key php artisan key:generate

Note: You can specify an alternate key length by adding an extra argument to the command.

CLI Options

Description Command
Setting the Laravel environment php artisan foo --env=local
Setting the default database connection php artisan foo --database=sqlitename