Working With Strings


Capitalization, Etc.

The Str class also provides three convenient methods for manipulating string capitalization: upper, lower, and title. These are more intelligent versions of the PHP strtoupper, strtolower, and ucwords methods. More intelligent because they can handle UTF-8 input if the multi-byte string PHP extension is installed on your web server. To use them, just pass a string to the method:

echo Str::lower('I am a string.');
// i am a string.

echo Str::upper('I am a string.');

echo Str::title('I am a string.');
// I Am A String.

Word & Character Limiting

Limiting the number of characters in a string:

echo Str::limit("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 10);
// Lorem ipsu...

echo Str::limit_exact("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 10);
// Lorem i...

Limiting the number of words in a string:

echo Str::words("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 3);
// Lorem ipsum dolor...

Generating Random Strings

Generating a random string of alpha-numeric characters:

echo Str::random(32);

Generating a random string of alphabetic characters:

echo Str::random(32, 'alpha');

Singular & Plural

Getting the plural form of a word:

echo Str::plural('user');
// users

Getting the singular form of a word:

echo Str::singular('users');
// user

Getting the plural form if specified value is greater than one:

echo Str::plural('comment', count($comments));


Generating a URL friendly slug:

return Str::slug('My First Blog Post!');
// my-first-blog-post

Generating a URL friendly slug using a given separator:

return Str::slug('My First Blog Post!', '_');
// my_first_blog_post