Examining Requests


Working With The URI

Getting the current URI for the request:

echo URI::current();

Getting a specific segment from the URI:

echo URI::segment(1);

Returning a default value if the segment doesn't exist:

echo URI::segment(10, 'Foo');

Getting the full request URI, including query string:

echo URI::full();

Sometimes you may need to determine if the current URI is a given string, or begins with a given string. Here's an example of how you can use the is() method to accomplish this:

Determine if the URI is "home":

if (URI::is('home'))
    // The current URI is "home"!

Determine if the current URI begins with "docs/":

if (URI::is('docs/*'))
    // The current URI begins with "docs/"!

Other Request Helpers

Getting the current request method:

echo Request::method();

Accessing the $_SERVER global array:

echo Request::server('http_referer');

Retrieving the requester's IP address:

echo Request::ip();

Determining if the current request is using HTTPS:

if (Request::secure())
    // This request is over HTTPS!

Determining if the current request is an AJAX request:

if (Request::ajax())
    // This request is using AJAX!

Determining if the current requst is via the Artisan CLI:

if (Request::cli())
    // This request came from the CLI!